The Arab ICT Organization, in cooperation with the “IPv6 Forum” and “Huawei,” organized the “IPv6 Gala Forum 2024” under the theme “Transforming Net5.5G into Reality, Inspiring New Growth” on Tuesday, May 28, 2024, in Marrakech, Kingdom of Morocco, in conjunction with GITEX Africa 2024.

This landmark event brought together leading ICT experts, analysts, authorities from regional and national regulatory agencies, and prominent global standards organizations. Participants shared the latest industry trends, innovative technologies, service strategies, and business practices related to the IP industry. Through these collaborative efforts, the event aims to foster the growth of the IP industry, contributing to the advancement of Africa’s digital economy. Net5.5G and IPv6 Enhanced technology are revolutionizing the Internet industry, with the Net5.5G network boasting a significant 400GE capacity, automatic E2E SRv6 optimization, and network segmentation. These advancements accelerate its deployment in Africa and support operators in achieving tangible successes.

In his speech, H.E. Eng. Mohamed ben Amor, Director General of the Arab ICT organization, highlighted a significant milestone achieved last year with the establishment of the Arab IPv6 Council. This council serves as a platform to support IP innovations in the region, providing a collaborative environment that enables stakeholders to work together to drive the adoption and implementation of IPv6 and Net5.5G. The Council’s efforts are crucial in promoting an environment where Internet technology can flourish and contribute to digital transformation in the region.

HE. Eng. Ben Amor also affirmed the AICTO’s commitment to promoting cooperation and innovation in this important field, stating: “We believe that the key to reaching the full potential of IPv6 and Net5.5G lies in our ability to work together and share knowledge, resources, and expertise. To this end, I am pleased to announce an initiative that confirms our commitment to this collaborative spirit. In partnership with the IPv6 Forum and Huawei, AICTO is launching the IPv6 and Net5.5G Innovation Competition. This competition will provide a platform for creative minds to showcase their ideas and gain recognition and access to valuable resources. We believe that by nurturing these innovative ideas, we can discover new technologies and applications that will revolutionize communication and improve the quality of life for people across Africa and the Arab regions.”

Mr. Leon Wang, President of Huawei Datacom Product Line, emphasized Huawei’s significant efforts in developing IPv6 and Net5.5G technology. He noted that these efforts are crucial for accelerating digital transformation by developing and supporting these technologies, enhancing connectivity, and increasing network efficiency. These advancements support future applications such as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and smart cities. Huawei strives, through its efforts in IPv6 and Net5.5G, to enhance innovation in the communications sector and ensure network readiness for future requirements.

HE. Mr. Latif Ladid, President of IPv6 Forum, also addressed the audience, stressing that the deployment of improved IPv6 and Net5.5G represents a decisive step in the development of the Internet. With the exponential expansion of networked devices, it has become necessary to overcome the limits imposed by IPv4. IPv6 not only provides a much larger address space but also enables significant improvements in performance, security, and efficiency.

He added: At the IPv6 Forum, “We are working diligently with global partners to accelerate the adoption of this technology. A prominent example of this is the close cooperation with the Arab ICT Organization and Huawei, who are making great efforts to develop and support the infrastructure necessary to deploy improved IPv6 and promote innovation by providing integrated and innovative solutions that contribute to converting existing networks to IPv6 smoothly and efficiently”.

In recognition of the efforts and tangible results achieved in developing strategies and policies for adopting IPv6, an honorary ceremony was held during this event. This ceremony was organized to appreciate the contributions of Arab countries and authorities in this field within the region. The countries recognized, listed in alphabetical order, are :

  • Ministry of Communication Technologies of the Republic of Tunisia
  • Communications and Informatics Regulatory Authority of the State of Libya
  • National Telecommunications Regulatory Agency of the Kingdom of Morocco
  • The National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of the Arab Republic of Egypt
  • Ministry of Digital Transformation, Innovation, and Modernization of Administration of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania

As mentioned before, during the forum, the launch of the first edition of the IPv6 and Net5.5G Innovation Competition was also announced. This competition aims to accelerate ICT development in the Arab and African regions, stimulate the migration of network infrastructure to Net5.5G, and promote IPv6 deployment across all industrial sectors. The competition is open to telecom operators, large companies, medium and micro companies, startups, research institutes, universities, and individuals.

For more information about this competition, including participation methods and the timetable, please visit the official website of the Arab IPv6 Council for:

The Arab ICT Organization, in parallel with the activities of the “AFRICA IP Gala 2024” forum, signed a cooperation agreement with Huawei in order to enhance cooperation in the field of Net5.5G technology.


H.E. Eng.Mohamed Ben Amor

Director General of the Arab ICT Organization

Latif Ladid

President of IPv6 Forum

Alem Hailemariam Yirgaw

Deputy Chief Network Infrastructure Officer, Ethio Telecom

Leon Wang

President of Huawei Data Communication Product Line

Chris Meng

President of Huawei Northern Africa ICT Marketing & Solution Sales

Dhruv Dhody


Feng Su

Vice President of Huawei Network Marketing & Solution Sales Departement

Benjamen Hou

President of Huawei Northern Africa Carrier Business